Our Purpose

Feed A Billion exists to prevent exploitation of girls globally by providing nutritious meals to those in need.


In our busy lives, it’s easy to forget to eat breakfast while running to work, or skip lunch trying to meet a deadline. Being hungry for a few hours is enough to affect us physically and mentally. Wherever we are, and whenever we want, most of us can simply find somewhere to get food, be it a local grocer, your favorite fast food joint, or a restaurant. We know where and when our next meal will be.

Now imagine if you were one of the 795 million people who are don’t know when and where their next meal will come from. Forget about being hungry for a few hours, think about being hungry for a few DAYS. In fact, every 4 seconds, a person dies from hunger. That’s 21,600 people, every single day.

Physical hunger, by itself, is a torture no human should endure, but the desperation of the soul that hunger triggers goes painfully deeper. It screams from inside the body of the hungry, “you are not worthy of food.”
This hunger, all-encompassing and destructive, is simply unacceptable in these modern times. The antidote is not food alone, it is one person joyfully sharing one meal with one hungry person at a time. Feeding one body, while filling both souls.

Our mission is simply the spreading a basic joy – the joy of sharing a meal with another. Because of this, Feed a Billion has been freed to push the boundaries of a typical charitable organization, of economies of scale, and of human cooperation and partnership.

Will you be one in a billion that will bring self-worth and bodily nourishment to one human being unable to feed themselves?

Will you join us in the simple and powerful joy of sharing a meal?