Feed a Billion provides nutritious meals to girls on 3 continents


Giving them the sustenance they need to live up to their full potential.


Helen is 12 and she is from a village called Obaga on the Kenya/Uganda border.

She loves going to school. She also loves the one meal she has each day at the school’s lunch program.

When there is no food available, the smokestack at the school’s kitchen would not blow smoke. When there is no smoke, Helen and the 400 school children often skip class in search of food to fill their empty tummies. When children wander, it's easy for them to get lost and be stolen by traffickers.

Feed A Billion was able to assist and provide the school with the much needed food and supplies for their lunch program.

The smokestack now burns and smokes each day, keeping Helen–and the 400 school children–focused on their studies.


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