Each dollar we receive plays a crucial role in fulfilling our vision of a hunger-free world by providing a billion meals to those in need. This journey transforms each dollar into 10 meals. To look at this closer, we are going to explore the exact journey each dollar travels in order to provide a meal.

The beginning of this journey begins with generous corporate sponsors who share our vision and decide to partner with us. These corporate sponsors put forth social media posts and call upon their online community to support Feed a Billion. The corporate sponsor pledges that with every ‘like’ of the post they will donate the funds for 5 meals and with every ‘share’, they will donate the funds for 10 meals.

Dollars, and the meals they provide, are generated by social media warriors in the community who engage with the post. Each like and share of the post generates more donations from the corporate sponsor.

These dollars are then given to our trusted partner organizations so that the meals can be distributed to those in need. These organizations are experts at knowing exactly how to stretch each dollar they are given to its fullest potential.

Each dollar is used to create a meal that is suited to where the meal is being eaten. Different meals are eaten in different countries, so the meals provided will be prepared differently depending on where the meal is being consumed.

Now that the dollars have been turned into meals, they are delivered to individuals who need them the most. This is the final destination, meaningful nourishment, joy, and an end to hunger.

This is our mission, to turn dollars a means to end hunger. With the help of our corporate sponsors, partner organizations, and most importantly – YOU. Help us make a real difference and deliver a billion meals.


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