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Without Your Action...


Every 4 seconds a person dies from hunger...


...that’s 21,600 people, mostly children, every single day.


About 795 million people are undernourished globally...


...That’s just over 1 in 9 people

Discover Why Now is The Time To Get Involved

Our teachers were not teaching they were out looking for food for the students. The students did not see the smoke stack at our school burning smoke, so that meant no lunch or only meal for the day, so they did not attend school. Once the donation of 100,000 meals arrived has now put teachers and students back in the classrooms, thanks to Feed A Billion. So much more than food…

– Told by Grace with Royal Kids Academy Mombasa Kenya

The doctors said to cannot take your HIV & AIDS meds with just beans or maze, you need that miracle food to help your health, it has the nutrition that you need.

– Told by a elderly lady in the village of Obaga in central west Kenya that received 50,000 meals thanks to Feed A Billion


“We need food, we need food” is all we heard from many organizations in Haiti after Hurricane Mathew, with ports backed up and logistics nightmare in Haiti. A Feed A Billion food distribution partner decided to provide 200,000+ meals to Dominican Republic to assist Haitian refugees fleeing into Dominican Republic…Haitian refugees were eating “dirt cookies” to help with hunger. These meals provided thanks to Feed A Billion.

– Jim Vinyard, Director of Operations SERV International


The Difference Feed A Billion Has Already Made


We have provided a total of 1.8 million meals.


Meals have been distributed in Kenya (66.0%), India (17.8%), and US (16.2%).


Our average meal cost is under 10 cents.

Small Actions Lead to Big Changes

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“Feeding people is a way of loving them.”
~ Shauna Niequist

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