We're on a mission to save every girl from food insecurity, exploitation, and trafficking by providing them a nutritious daily meal.


We envision a world where young girls from disadvantaged communities can thrive and develop properly without fear of being exploited or trafficked.





A girl should not fear being sent away from her family or harmed due to lack of food. A meal a day can keep a young girl safe from being exploited or trafficked.




Providing nutritious meals and shakes will keep young girls healthy and aid in their proper mental, physical and emotional development.




Hunger is torture no human should have to endure. Food security provides girls with the sustenance they need to thrive and live up to their full potential.


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Dr. Ambuj (AJ) Jain

Hi, I'm AJ!

At an early age, I was exposed to gender disparities and the role that food can play in a family’s decision-making. This is especially true for women and girls, who are often left behind or provided fewer resources and opportunities than male peers. I came to understand the correlation between food and self-worth, and how the impact of hunger on communities, economies, and humanity - especially hunger in children - is devastating on more than just a physical level.

Over the years, I’ve become an expert in solving complex problems, identifying opportunities, creating strategies, building consensus for execution plans, creating performance metrics, integrating acquisitions, and building aligned organizations. Using that same expertise, I founded Feed A Billion in 2016 because I had a vision of how things should and could be.

Our intention of feeding girls in need serves to meet individual and global needs. Whether it’s distributing scientifically-proven nutritious shakes and meals, building kitchens in schools, or hosting events to bring players in the food ecosystem together with those who work in preventing exploitation and trafficking, every day the team at Feed A Billion works tirelessly to uphold our mission to feed girls in need.

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Dr. Nicole F. Roberts

Hi, I'm Nicole!


Whether we are addressing physical, mental, or emotional development, there are no needs greater for young people than nutrition and love. Without nutritious food, there cannot be proper growth or feelings of safety. Feed A Billion is truly a one-of-a-kind organization that meets the most basic human need but does so in a way that also ensures young girls are shown love, given an education, and allowed to live up to their full potential.

Each year our partners and volunteers work tirelessly to serve our mission and fulfill our promise to girls in need around the world. It's an honor and a privilege to be a part of the Feed A Billion family and to be surrounded by such gifted individuals and mission-driven organizations from all over the globe every day.

How We Work


We partner with local schools and charities that provide sustainable meals around the world.


We strive to provide nutritious meals while empowering partners and girls in their own communities.


We work to find the most cost-efficient ways to provide as many meals as possible to girls in need.