Feed A Billion is a nonprofit organization that prevents exploitation by working with international and local organizations to provide nutritious meals to girls in need.

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Currently, 1 in 6 people don't know where they will get their next meal.

1 in 6 Statistic

Food insecurity drives families to desperation...

... which child traffickers can then exploit. In order to
meaningfully address the many ways that food insecurity and malnutrition in girls can be used to exploit
and harm them, it is essential to improve access to consistent, nutritious food. Lack of food access is a
global problem impacting millions of girls every day. But food insecurity, and thus exploitation, are crises
we have the power to prevent.

Our goal is to provide as many nutritious meals as possible to girls who are food insecure, lessening the likelihood and opportunity of being exploited.

Life starts with food

Feed A Billion is a non-profit organization that prevents exploitation by working with local charities and global partners to provide nutritious meals to girls in need.

Here's how:


Local Food Partners

We partner with local food charities that provide sustainable meals around the world.



We work with our partners to find the best way to provide as many meals as possible to those in need.


Dollar Efficiency

We strive to provide nutritious meals while remaining as cost-effective as possible.

Your help has already made a world of difference in the lives of girls around the world. Together we have provided more than 

6 million meals around the world.

But every day is a new challenge for millions of girls in the world. We need your help.

Here’s how to get involved:


Learn how feeding the world can improve health, economies and education for all.


There is nothing more powerful than sharing a meal with another. Share once or monthly.


We're stronger in numbers. Gather your friends and start your own fundraising campaign.


Be social and share with everyone the simple and powerful joy of giving a meal.

Food is the basic need which connects every person on the earth.

Without food and your help, nothing is possible.