Give the Gift of a Thanksgiving Meal

This year the holidays will be especially difficult for many.

With your help, Feed A Billion will be feeding 2,000 families in Georgia who are in need of food for the holiday. Every $50 donation will provide a Thanksgiving meal that feeds 4-6 people.

Help us provide a nutritious holiday meal, so families in need can focus on what matters most: building lasting, thankful memories.


1 in 4

1 in 4

1 in 4

children don't know where all their meals will come from this week.

Every day is a new challenge for

more than one billion

more than one billion

girls in the world.

Feed A Billion is a nonprofit organization that prevents exploitation by working with international & local organizations to provide nutritious meals to girls in need

We Believe...

Asian child cute hungry or kid girl holding colorful spoon and fork with dish for wait eat delicious food with smiling and happy for enjoy lunch or breakfast in morning at restaurant or food court

No family should have to choose between feeding their daughter or sending her away.

No girl should be pulled from school for marriage, work, or other forms of income.

No girl should be undernourished and thus, unable to grow and develop properly.

No girl should have barriers in the form of food insecurity, limiting her from her full potential.

If you believe those things too, you're in the right place. 

And we have great news...



Our goal is to provide nutritious meals to girls who are food insecure, to lessen the likelihood they will be exploited.