Feeding with purpose

Removing hunger as a barrier can unlock A GIRL’S potential

A better world starts with feeding a girl

1 in 4

Children don’t know where all their meals will come from this week.

1 billion

Everyday is a new challenge for more than one billion girls in the world.

$1 = 2 meals

Every $1 donated becomes 2 nourishing meals.


Feed A Billion does not just ship food around the world and pat ourselves on the back. We work on the ground with the communities we serve to understand and adhere to the unique needs of the girls. We follow up, gather feedback, and make necessary alterations to ensure that every girl feels supported and uplifted with powerful nutrition.


Not only does Feed A Billion empower girls around the world to take control of their future, we empower our donors and partners. Feed A Billion empowers donors by giving them a simple opportunity to build a better future by taking the lead. Further, we work with partners to help them better meet their goals. By doing so, they empower a network devoted to uplifting girls.


Feed A Billion believes in the influence knowledge has to spark change. That is why we work hard to spread the message of the power of a well-fed girl. We strive to connect the dots between nutrient-dense food and a girl’s opportunity to seize her potential and positively change the world. This type of knowledge has the power to support a movement.

Will you join us?


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